SC Aerospace Advisory Board

SC Aerospace is led by a private-sector advisory board with representatives from small to large aerospace-related firms from across the state. 

advisory board

SC Aerospace Chairman

Ian Williams
VP/General Manager

Advisory Board Members


Hunter Dalton
President & CEO                                 
Cumberland Highstreet Partners, Inc

  • Over 30 years of experience in aerospace specialty materials manufacturing with ATI in leadership positions encompassing engineering, global procurement, operations management, domestic US and international sales and commercial executive for aero engine and airframe markets as well as overall business P&L responsibilities. 
    Aerospace is a technology-based industry. The aerospace “mentality” has always been focused on absolute quality and performance.   The aerospace industry is dynamic and constantly evolving to improve mankind’s ability to fly – safely and efficiently.


Jerry Ellison
JBE, Inc.

Leslie Farmer
Communications, Greenville
& Field Team Operations

Lockheed Martin

  • Leslie Farmer is the Communications Lead for Lockheed Martin’s Greenville, S.C. site and Field Team Operations. In this capacity, she is responsible for executive communications, community and media relations, and employee communications. She also manages marketing communications and customer relations for the Greenville site. Ms. Farmer graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor’s degree in Communications, and currently serves on the iMAGINE Upstate Impact Board as well as the South Carolina Aerospace Advisory Council. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, she served as the Director of Marketing at Meals on Wheels of Greenville.

Darren Friberg
Director of Business Development

  • Darren Friberg, Director of Business Development, is responsible for identifying customer requirements and leading the effort to provide lightweight, high-strength, cost-effective composite structural component solutions.

    Mr. Friberg has over 25 years of industry experience including engineering, logistics and distribution, market analysis, new product development, sales, and business development. Prior to joining TIGHITCO in 2013, Mr. Friberg was Regional Sales Manager at M.C. Gill, a leading manufacturer of composite honeycomb panels and laminates.

    Mr. Friberg started his career as an aerospace engineer at McDonnell Douglas holding positions of increasing responsibility from engineering to business development at The Boeing Company and gained wide experience in all areas of aircraft, systems, structures, propulsion, and production methods. Subsequently, Mr. Friberg used his engineering background to help develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for his customers, and has lead sales and business development teams in positions as: Business Development Manager, TRW Lucas Aerospace cargo systems division; Director of Sales and Marketing, Avio-Diepen, a Netherlands based global supply chain management and distribution company; and, Director of Sales, AmSafe Bridport, a leading cargo restraint and engineering textiles company.

    Mr. Friberg holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and mechanics from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University.


Stan Griffs
Director of Operations
RBC AeroStructures

  • Stan Griffs received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1994 from Clemson University. He has been in manufacturing for over 20 years. For the last 8 years, he has been the Director of RBC AeroStructures which manufactures control rods and swaged tubes for the commercial and military markets. In 2014, he relocated his facility from Georgia.
    Aerospace is a technically challenging field. The concept of seeing your product flying around the world, supporting the US military across the globe, and ultimately touching the lives of billions of people makes for a very rewarding career. It’s also a fast growing, secure field of work that will be in demand for years to come.

Paul-Kumler-square-print-v2 (1)

Paul Kumler
KTM Engineering

  • Paul V. Kumler has over 30 years engineering and senior management experience. Mr. Kumler spend the majority of his career in the aircraft industry with experiences at Cessna Aircraft , The Boeing Company, and Lockheed Martin. He currently serves as president of KTM Solutions, Inc, an engineering services company he founded in April 2005. Mr. Kumler received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. He also completed several graduate engineering courses at Wichita State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of South Carolina. Outside of the office, Mr. Kumler participates in numerous volunteer activities, primarily through his church. Mr. Kumler married and the proud parent of a son and daughter who are currently pursuing their own career paths. Mr. and Mrs. Kumler currently live in Simpsonville, South Carolina.


Mike Leatherwood
Leatherwood Manufacturing

  • My Aerospace career started out when I joined the US Air Force back in 1960. It was not a tough choice to become involved in manufacturing of tooling and parts for various aircraft and support equipment for both military and commercial aviation. With my enjoyment of building things, I founded Leatherwood Manufacturing in 1986. It has been most enjoyable in working with the US Military in building aviation products such as US Navy Aircraft component parts and Launch and Recovery Equipment for Navy Aircraft Carriers.

    In 2005, Leatherwood got the opportunity to enter into a new field of manufacturing and assembly of Commerical Aircraft Components and Assemblies and we continue to build on these programs today. My experience in the Aerospace Business has been very enjoyable and rewarding.

Tomas Lindsta
Vice President & General Manager South Carolina, GKN Aerospace
GKN Aerospace


Jason Marlin
Champion Aerospace

  • With 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry, Jason Marlin brings extensive first hand aerospace manufacturing experience to the SC Aerospace Advisory Board. Jason is the President of Champion Aerospace, which is located in Liberty, SC, and has held Director level positions at aerospace companies located in the New York, Chicago and Philadelphia areas. He has a passion for aviation, technology and personnel development.
    Like many children, I was always amazed with the power of flight and had a desire to be part of it. The aerospace industry is a growth industry that embraces new technologies, which made it a great opportunity for professional growth.


John Miller
Director of Business Development
JBE, Inc.

  • John has a 20 year business background in healthcare and manufacturing and is a South Carolina native. He is responsible for bringing aerospace work to JBE and adding a location in the Charleston, SC area to support the Boeing plant in 2014.
    Man’s desire to fly fascinates me and I want to work in a field where we are making this desire a reality with cutting edge technology.

Don Myers
Director of Aerospace Sales & Marketing

  • Don Myers is the Director of Aerospace Sales & Marketing at Toray Composite Materials America, Inc. Don has been with Toray since 2010 and is responsible for leading the management of their commercial aerospace unit. His primary roles include the integration of new aerospace programs, program management, long range business planning and marketing strategies in the aerospace sector, as well as global customer support strategy. During his time at Toray, Don has led the team responsible for developing the architecture to support Toray’s global prepreg demand in the Boeing Commercial Aircraft programs.

    Prior to joining Toray Composites (America) Inc., he worked in the corporate and general aviation industry as a source consultant and in rotary and fixed wing acquisitions. Don is a prior military aviator and has extensive experience with commercial, military, and corporate aircraft operations, sales and finance, supply chain management, and Federal Aviation Regulations.

    Don is originally from Columbia, South Carolina, but his military and professional career have moved him across the U.S. a number of times. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and in 2012 completed Advanced Certifications for Senior Executives at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Don lives in the Puget Sound area of Washington State and enjoys flying, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, and college football.

Dan O’Connor
Managing Director
PinPoint Solutions


Jason Premo
Acclaim Advanced Manufacturing LLC

  • Jason started his career in aerospace as a design engineer and grew to successive roles in production management before working with private equity firms as a turnaround executive. In 2007, Jason co-founded and was CEO of ADEX Machining Technologies, a manufacturer of precision 5-axis machined components for Boeing, GE Aviation, NASA, etc.. Jason left ADEX in 2014 and now leads Premo Ventures, a private equity group based in Greenville, South Carolina which acquires and modernizes small manufacturers to transform into aerospace capable. He is also active in innovation activities and is an Angel Investor in high-tech startups.

Steve Prout_Solar Atmospheres

Steve Prout
Solar Atmospheres

  • Steve Prout joined Solar Atmospheres in the Fall of 2013 to establish Solar’s newest vacuum heat treating facility in Greenville, South Carolina.  This facility gained Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Accreditation Program) accreditation within 90 days of start-up in September, 2015 and AS9100 approval shortly thereafter.   Solar specializes in vacuum heat treatments and is capable of supporting research and development activity through large scale production. Solar also operates a 24 foot long vacuum furnace in the Greenville facility, the largest vacuum furnace in the US Southeast.

    Steve started his career in commercial heat treating and brazing in 1996 and has held a variety of positions in the heat treating world before coming to Solar.  These roles include Production Manager, Plant Manager, Business Development Manager, and General Manager for organizations such as Paulo Products Company, Bluewater Thermal Solutions and Bodycote.  Steve is a member of the ASM International, the Metal Treating Institute and serves on the Business Advisory Board for his alma mater Bryan College in Dayton, TN as well as serving on the Board for Coldstream Christian Camp in Adams, TN.

Michel van Tooren
Director Aerospace Studies
University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing

  • Michel van Tooren is Professor Aerospace Systems Design and Structures at the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) of the University of South Carolina and director of the Ronald E. McNAIR Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research. Michel has a BSc, MSc and PhD in Aerospace Engineering and joined CEC in September 2013. Before joining USC he worked for Fokker Aerostructures in the Netherlands as Manager New Concept Development. He combined this position in industry with a part-time appointment at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the Delft University of Technology. Prior to that he worked ten years as professor Systems Integration Aircraft at the same University, building a group specialized in Aircraft Design, Flight Mechanics and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization. This group became well-known for its work in MDO, Aircraft Design, KBE and Truck Aerodynamics. He combined the research activities with a position in the management team of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering as vice dean. All this followed a previous ten years of research, education and innovation in design of composite structures. His research focus at CEC is on design and manufacture of composites structures. In addition he serves as the Program Director Aerospace Engineering Studies for CEC. As of August 16, 2015 he was appointed as SmartState endowed chair in the Center for Multifunctional Materials and Structures. He will continue his roles in the McNAIR Center.

Steve Townes
President and CEO
Ranger Aerospace

  • Steve Townes, a well-known entrepreneur in the aerospace services arena, is President, CEO and a Director of Ranger Aerospace, the company that he founded in early 1997. He is also chairman of ACL AirShop, an air cargo services and leasing company with operations at 40 of the world’s largest cargo hub airports.

    Townes’ diverse background spans three decades in the commercial, corporate, and military aviation industry. Before going independent with Ranger Aerospace in 1997, he was previously Vice Chairman, and earlier President, of Sabreliner Corporation’s heavy aircraft services divisions. Townes was Executive Vice President of Stevens Aviation, a $115 million multi-city aviation services chain which more than doubled in size and made two acquisitions while Townes was its chief operations, marketing and technical services officer.

    Townes has also been Vice President of Major Programs and Marketing of the Dee Howard Aerospace Corporation, as well as a Program Leader and Marketing Leader in LTV Aerospace and Defense. Townes is an engineering graduate of West Point. Steve earned the coveted Eisenhower Award upon graduation there. He also holds an MBA from Long Island University and completed the PMD program at Harvard Business School. Steve named his company in honor of special operations forces, where he also has personal heritage. He served in the 1st/75th Ranger Battalion as a young airborne infantry officer, and graduated #1 from the Army’s Ranger School.


Paul Witt
VP of Mobile Services
Constant Aviation

  • I’ve been in the corporate aviation field for 23 years. My Career started with Cessna Citation in Greensboro North Carolina, where I worked my way up from a technician on the shop floor to General Manager of the facility. I continued my career at Stevens Aviation in Greenville South Carolina as Executive Vice President of Operations. 
    Recently, I left Stevens Aviation to accept a role with Constant Aviation. My role with Constant aviation is Vice President of Mobile Services. In this role, I will be responsible for the mobile repair teams that are stationed around the country and the growth of the business. Constant Aviation is new to South Carolina and has opened an office at the Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU).

Mark Zelek
Supply Chain Leader