Take Flight with HondaJet at this year’s SC Aerospace Conference & Expo

Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 30 to hear about the latest on Honda’s first business jet and its innovative design, directly from Samantha Magill of Honda Aircraft Company.

The HondaJet is currently the fastest, highest-flying, quietest and most fuel-efficient jet in its class. It’s unique Over-the-Wing Engine Mount configuration, designed to dramatically improve performance and fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag, is just one of the many technological innovations that put it at the top of its class.

Samantha Magill has been with Honda Aircraft Company Inc. since 2010, and has had several roles including Technical Marketing; Sales Engineering; Flight Sciences’ Stability & Control Engineer; currently, she handles a variety of Special Projects for the CEO and company. Many include activities pertaining to community, academic, government and industry relations as well as Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.